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Dividend Investment 2013 2nd quarter

This last quarter I've spent time reviewing my usual dividend list.

My candidates for purchase this quarter were as follows:


  • FirstGroup
  • Standard Life
  • France Telecom
  • Unilever


FirstGroup - FGP.L - this company is in the transportation sector. It made it onto the review list with a very strong dividend at 10.82. Unfortunately the payout ratio is high at over 90.

Standard Life - SL.L - this is a life insurance company. The dividend isn't the strongest, at 3.8, but the 1 year and 5 year growth are strong at 2.85 and 19.05 respectively.

France Telecom - FTE - this telecommunications company made it onto the list with an enormous 9.45 dividend. It is let down with a payout ratio well over 200 raising some concerns about how sustainable this dividend will be.

Unilvever - ULVR.L - a global giant in nutrition, hygiene and personal care makes it onto the list with a low dividend of 2.9 but a very healthy EPS and P/E result.


I pushed all the figures through a formula I've been putting together.

The formula is a combination of EPS, P/E, Yield, 1 year growth, 5 year growth and a few other factors.

The results were as follows:

Standard Life - 17.5

First Group - 17.36

Unilever - 15.47

France Telecom - 14.37.

My winner for this quarter is Standard Life.



From the dog and bone.

Having a quick test and preview of this feature of editing on my phone.


Longest running experiment

Image courtesy of PopSci.com

A great article on PopSci today about the longest running scientific experiment.

The experiment is 85 years old so far and is attempting to demonstrate that tar pitch is in fact "a viscous fluid".

It took 8 years for the first drop to drop!

The article.

The professor.



Driving Miss Daisy

So it looks like Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones will be staring in the next theatre production of Driving Miss Daisy.

I just can't picture James Earl Jones as a chauffeur!

However, the most important question would be, which voice will James Earl Jones have on his Tom Tom?!

Full story here (BBC).


Guinness and Bulmers

This is the life :)